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Most of the documents are in scanned .pdf format.
Lot owners are listed in the left half of the .pdf and burials listed in the right half.
These records were scanned March 2006.  See Recent Purchases and Recent Burials for information after this date.

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The map:  Map of entire Cemetery Shows grave and Section numbers only.
Drawn up in AutoCad it is now a .pdf file.

These maps (Scanned Nov 2006) show sales and burial activity locations: Andrews Section...Hoover Section...Lockwood Kurtz Section...Old Section...Potters Field Section and Township Section...Old West and Park Sections.

St Anthony's Cemetery Section spreadsheet.  Photos  taken in the St Anthony's Section.

Our Columbarium: photo (1) (2)

Book of cemetery Rules and Regulations
Hastings Chapel by Chuck Mosser
Murray Family website
Grave Addiction
Huron Institute
For Obituary information, there are many names listed here.
Aerial "Birdseye" view.

Todd Lavey, Sexton 419-499-2815
Milan Cemetery Association
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Milan OH 44846

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